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Get 20% OFF! Get 20% off the new Fusion 6 with coupon!

As VMware is set to release Fusion 7 sometime in the next few days,yYou can save 20% instantly on full and upgrade versions of Fusion 6 when you use promo code VMwBeta20 at the VMware Store. The code is case sensitive so be sure to copy it exactly for it to work properly. We’ve checked all of the top resellers and nobody has Fusion 6 on sale yet so this is the best deal of the week. You are also able to download your order so you can skip the shipping charges and start using it today. Expiration of this code is unknown.


Upgrade Discount! Upgrade to Fusion 6 for 30% off the full price.

Upgrade your virtual machine at the upgrade price! If you own a qualifying older version of Fusion (versions 4 or 5) or switch from Parallels Desktop for Mac to Fusion 6, then you can order at the upgrade price and get 30% off. If you have VMware and want to go to Parallels, then see here for their switcher offer.


Up to 15% OFF Save up to 15% on select versions of VMware Fusion.

Select versions of VMware Fusion are on sale at Amazon for up to 15% off the retail price, with the best deals available on the older versions (4 and 5). Version 6 is not yet discounted but should be on sale by October after the launch cools down a bit. We love shopping at Amazon for a few reasons: (1) no promo code is needed at checkout, ever, to get the sale price. The price you see is the price you get, and that price is usually the lowest; (2) They are an authorized reseller so you know that you’re not ordering a inferior product; (3) shipping is free on all orders above $25.00;  (4) Most states can avoid the state sales tax. Just note that prices can change across versions and vary without notice to us.


Student Discount! Get the Student Discount on Fusion 6 or Workstation 10.

If you are a currently a college or high school student, then you may qualify for special academic pricing. All you need to provide for verification is you academic institution name and school e-mail address. Best of all, these versions are exactly the same as the regular ones so no watered down version for your student order.


Try it Free Try VMware Fusion 7 free for 30 days.

Are you new to VMware, switching from Parallels, or just not sure if this version is worth purchasing? Then you download and try it free for 30 days if you haven’t tested it out before. If you like it, then use one of the above coupons to save on your full order.  If you don’t like it, then just uninstall your trial copy once it automatically expires at the 30 day mark.



With over 70 new features, Fusion 7 is now specifically made to take advantage of the new Mountain Lion OS as well as Windows 8. It boasts a faster and better graphics for the new retna displays, an improved user interface, and is approved for the newest Macs.

As we always do here, as soon as any new offers or coupon codes are available from VMware, we will list them here on this page to help you save the most on your Fusion 7 license.  Be on the lookout for Fusion 8 to be released in late-2015.

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