TurboTax Deluxe 2015 Discounts, Coupons & Service Codes (2014 tax year)

Get 18% OFF Get 18% off TurboTax Deluxe online from Intuit.

The 2015 online version of Deluxe (for the 2014 tax year) has just been put on sale by the folks at the official TurboTax Store at Intuit.com. And it’s just in time for all of us procrastinators waiting until the last moment to file our tax returns. If you pick it up anytime between now and April 15th, you’ll save 18% of Deluxe or any of the other best selling versions, which makes it our favorite deal at the moment. With the online version, there is no software to install – Just login to your online TurboTax account to complete your return. As you complete your return and see that you actually need one of the other versions, like Premier or Home & Business, you’ll be able to upgrade as you go. This offer expires April 15, 2015.


Get $20 OFF! Save on TurboTax Deluxe with State & eFile on sale at Amazon

Amazon, the top volume reseller of TurboTax software, now has some of the best deals on Deluxe and all the other 2015 versions of TurboTax. Select from the boxed and digital versions with eFile and State return included. Amazon lets you download your order for PC or Mac immediately after you checkout so no waiting to the box to arrive in the mail if you’re in a rush to file your tax return (plus you’re doing your part for the environment by avoiding the packaging waste). If you do need the box, then Amazon will ship it out to you for free. No promo codes are needed as the sale price already reflects the discount. See site for full offer details. Prices and discounts are subject to vary and/or change without notice.


Bundle Discount Get the Quicken/Turbotax bundle and save 35%!

Amazon has once again brought back their popular Quicken TurboTax bundle discount. Now when you buy a qualifying version of TurboTax Deluxe (with or without State) along with a qualifying copy of Quicken 2015 software in the same order, then you can save an extra $20.00 on your purchase. That comes out to be up to 35% off your entire purchase. No additional promotional codes are needed at the time of ordering but you will need to have both both qualifying items added to your cart to see the discount. Offer expires on April 15, 2015.


Free Trial Try TurboTax and start your return for free before you order.

If you’re new to TurboTax or if you’re not sure which edition is right for you, then you can start your tax return for free. Choose from any of the online editions and set up a free account (or login to your existing one) to begin. You’ll be able to go through and complete your entire tax return and see your estimated refund, but you will not be able to file or print it out unless you decide to order. There is no time limit on this trial and if you find it’s not the right solution for you, then you can delete your account.



How many e-files can you get with TurboTax Deluxe?

You receive one Federal E-File of your tax return with your TurboTax Deluxe order. However, if you are returning multiple returns, you’re able to efile up to five of them at no additional cost. This limit of five is set by the IRS and not by TurboTax directly. If you need to file a State return, it costs an extra $19.99/each with the option to order up to three per federal return. Another option is to print your return and send it by mail for no additional charges.

What forms are included with included with TurboTax Deluxe?

You’ll find all of the most commonly-filed IRS Tax forms and schedules in your order. This includes all of the below:

Be sure to see the full list of forms found in the help section at Intuit.com.

Can I get a good deal on TurboTax Deluxe at my local electronics store?

Of course! It just can be a little bit harder to find similar discounts as you do online. Two stores that will have good deals during tax season is Costco and Walmart. At Costco, they will have the boxed version in store during most of the tax season with deals ranging from $10.00 to $20.00 off the listed retail price. You just have to be a Costco member to shop there. Walmart will also have a similar discount depending on the version that you end up choosing. We’ve seen it on sale for as low as $48.97, but the price tends to go as we get as we approach the tax deadline.

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