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Quicken Premier 2015 has just been released!

The 2015 versions of Quicken have just been released at Amazon. You’ll also find that the prices for all of the remaining 2014 editions of Quicken are drastically reduced as they clear out the remaining inventory. Select versions are liter at up to 46% off the standard price (that’s almost a $48.00 savings). Plus, because Amazon has the digital version available, you are able to download your copy as soon as you checkout and use it today (it’s about a 10 minute download depending on your internet speed). You can also choose to order the boxed version for the same sale price and receive free standard shipping (about 5 days or so for delivery).

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Download the new Quicken Premier 2015 directly from Intuit.com.

Intuit just released the new 2015 versions and you can now download your copy today directly from Intuit.com. We don’t yet have any additional product discounts on the 2015 versions but expect them to come a few weeks from now.

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Pick up a copy by October 31, 2014.

FREE Tools! Manage all your finances for free on Mint.com.

If you’re new to Quicken software, then you may want to consider Mint.com first before you buy. From the same folks that make Quicken software, Intuit released a free financial management system at Mint.com. Unlike the Quicken Premier, you don’t need to install any software as Mint.com manages all of your finances online (with access from your iPad, PC, Mac and any internet connected device!). From your account you will be able to track all of your financial accounts in a single place and in real-time. You’ll be able to make monthly budget goals, track where you spend your money, and find opportunities to save money or reduce your spending. It is free to sign-up to Mint.com as it’s a 100% free offering from Intuit (this is not a free trial).

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60-day money-back guarantee on Quicken from Intuit.

As one of the few software companies that does not offer free trials of their software, you don’t need to take a risk buying Premier 2015 as it qualifies for a limited 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the Premier edition or if you decided to return it back and get one of the other editions, then just follow the above link to find the official refund form. You will need to return it with the original packaging, CD disk, and a photo copy of the store receipt. Within about 3 or 4 weeks you will receive your refund check in the mail for the total purchase price (less any special offer codes, coupons or rebates used at the time of ordering).

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Get $20.00 off + Free Quicken Willmaker with special offer code.

Save $20.00 instantly on Premier and get a free copy of Quicken Willmaker (a $69.99 value) when you use special offer code “0891100000” at order checkout (be sure to click the apply button once you enter the code into the box where it asks for the 10-digit code). Quicken Willmaker helps you write your will and create related legal documents (including power of attorney, estate plans, and more). This deal is exclusively available on orders made at Intuit.com, the official Quicken Store.

Sorry, but this deal has already expired.

Buy TurboTax & Quicken together and get $35.00 off your entire purchase.

Buy any version of TurboTax software at Amazon.com along with your Quicken Premier order and get $35.00 off your entire order when you use coupon “BTTG35QK” at checkout. Just note that the code will only be reflected once both qualifying items are in your cart.

This offer ended on April 15th, 2014.

Quicken Premier 2016 will be released in late-September!

If last year is any indication of what’s to come from Inuit, then the next release from Quicken is expected to be no different. Be on the lookout for Quicken 2016 to be announced sometime in the last week of September. Most resellers will have boxes on shelves by October 1st, 2015.

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