Quickbooks Contractor 2016 – Coupons & Special Offer Codes

$160.00 OFF! Pick up QB Premier Contractor 2016 now at Amazon.

QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2016 is now on sale at Amazon at up to $160.00 off per license. Amazon is one of our favorite places to get a deal on Quickbooks software as they have some of the most aggressive sale prices from any of Intuit’s online resellers (they happen to be their #1 official volume reseller worldwide). Plus, they offer both the digital download version and the boxed copies (which happen to qualify for free standard shipping). Prices are expected to be valid through the end of this week but may vary across versions sold.

$150.00 OFF! Get $150.00 off QuickBooks Premier 2016 for Contractors!

We just received tho official Intuit offer on all version of QuickBooks 2016 at the QuickBooks Store: Get $150.00 off the Premier edition (which let’s you choose the Contractor version at installation). Just act fast as this offer expires at 11:59pm pst on April 30, 2016 and is only available at intuit.com. This special offer doesn’t require any codes to be entered at checkout, but you will need to follow the above link to have the offer applied to your order.


Upgrade Discount Upgraders save $150.00 off on QuickBooks too!

If you have a legacy version of Quickbooks Premier Contractor and your support is soon ending, then you can you can get $150.00 by upgrading today to the new 2016 release. This offer is available to both new and existing customers, so really there are no restrictions or limitations on what version you currently own/  Follow the above link to activate the sale price.



Where can you download and get the Quickbooks Contractor 2016 free trial?

If you’re having difficulty finding a free trial version of Quickbooks then you’re not alone. For the last few years, Intuit has decided to not offer a trial versions of their boxed software. So if you want to try it out, you’ll either have to go with the online version which slightly varies from this one, or you’ll have to buy a copy. Fortunately, if you end up ordering Contractor 2016 but are not satisfied for any reason, then return it back to Intuit. All orders get a full money back guarantee for 60-days from the date of your purchase to request. If you placed your order in the United States, call Intuit at 1-888-729-1996 to begin the refund process with a customer service agent. Make sure you have your order information and receipt ready as it will be needed to process your refund.

When will Intuit release Quickbooks Contractor 2017?

If you’re not sure if it’s worth getting the 2016 version or if you should just wait until the 2017 version comes out, then there are a few things to consider. Almost every year the new versions are released by October 1st. Usually September has pre-orders available, and if you buy a 2016 version next September from Intuit.com, then you will be most likely qualify for a free upgrade to the 2017 version (this will basically give you two licenses that you can install on two computers). For the best deals, the end of the product cycle usually has the best discounts. You can also find last years versions on clearance from select resellers that offer it at up to 50% off the retail price.

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