Buy Quickbooks 2013 Today, Get Quickbooks 2014 Free Once Released!

As Quickbooks 2014 versions will be shipping at the end of September, we just received confirmation that all 2013 Quickbooks purchases made on will receive a free upgrade to the 2014 version.  This is great news a Intuit has some fantastic deals on all of the 2013 desktop versions on sale.

Here is how to redeem this offer:

  1. Purchase any of the 2013 Quickbooks versions directly from the Quickbooks Store (this link will also automatically save you 20% with the end of season sale!). Orders made from Quickbooks resellers like Staples or Amazon do not qualify for the free upgrade.
  2. Wait until Quickbooks 2014 is released and begins shipping (expected to come by October 7, 2013).
  3. Call the Intuit Customer Service department at 1-888-246-8848 to request for the free upgrade to the 2014 version. Be sure to have your order number handy.

Here is a full chat record from our conversation with Intuit on August 4, 2013.  We are not sure how far back this policy goes to but you will be OK if you already purchased a copy of Quickbooks 2013 after this date.  This offer does not apply to other Intuit products or brands, including Quicken.


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