Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 – Release Date & Rumors


Now that it’s been some time since Photoshop Elements 11 was released, we are starting the count down to version 12.  So when do we think it’s coming? Fortunately, the Elements software line from Adobe has very predictable release dates so we are pretty sure that it will be announced in late September 2013, with the beta version offered to testers possibly in mid-August. Looking at the past release dates and from some of the rumors floating around out there, this is what we are expecting:

  • Photoshop Elements 12 – Should be released by Monday September 23, 2013.
  • Photoshop Elements 11 – This version (the current on) was released on September 24, 2012.
  • Photoshop Elements 10 – Became available on September 19, 2011.
  • Photoshop Elements 9 – Was released at the end of September of 2010.
  • Photoshop Elements 8 – Also released in September back in 2009.
  • Photoshop Elements 7 – Released in October 2008.
  • Photoshop Elements 6 – Released in October 2007.

So is it worth waiting for the next version or will you do fine with Elements 11? Well, this time around we are not sure if you will be that much better off by waiting. With CS6 released in April 2012, we saw many of the new features found in Photoshop CS6 where also incorporated into this Elements line.

What would you like to see in the next version of Photoshop Elements 12? We are hoping that this includes a variation of Content-Aware Move; this basically lets you circle a select any object in your photograph and have it removed. The software automatically (and almost magically) fills in the empty spot, that otherwise would have a gaping white hole, with a matching background to the rest of the image. We would also love to see a the one-click “deblurring” feature added as well; this lets you take any digital images that had camera-shake (like many of those taken by my Dad) and have them instantly sharpened and fixed.

Contact us with your thoughts and your upgrade wish list, and we’ll get them posted here!

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