Norton Antivirus 12 for Mac 2014 – Coupon Codes & Renewal Discounts

Get 25% OFF Save on Norton AntiVirus 12 for Mac with coupon.

Enter “CPNPAL25NORTON” when ordering Antivirus 12 for Mac at and you’ll save 25% off instantly on your order. This is one of the best codes we’ve seen all season from Norton and will help you save a cool $10.00, cutting down Antivirus 12 with 1 year protection for 1 Mac to just $39.99. Just be careful when ordering anything at Norton.con as they will try to automatically enroll you in their Automatic Renewal Service. This means that once your one year of antivirus protection expires then will charge your card for the next year automatically. We recommend that you un-check this box at order during the order process to avoid any surprises charges down the road. This Norton coupon code will expire on April 30, 2016.


Save 60% Select versions of Antivirus for Mac on sale for 60% off.

Amazon now has some really good deals on Norton software for both Mac’s and PC’s. We’ve found the digital version, which lets you download it in about 10 minutes at checkout, for just $20.00 per user. This saves you about $30.00 from the list price and you don’t need to wait for your order or pay for any shipping charges. The file size is 153.13 MB and will be saved in your Amazon Software Library (so you can re-install it again at a later date if you need to). These offers will vary and the sale price may change without notice.


Renewal Discount Renew and save 40% + get extra 20% with coupon.

Save 40% instantly on Norton Antivirus for Mac upgrade and renewal subscription pricing, plus another 20% off when you use “SOFTDISCODES” at order checkout. Once you get into the renewal center, be sure to enter the correct version/product that you are renewing. If you are not sure, just go into the “Help & Support” area of your existing version and navigate to the “About” section. Here you should find all of the version information needed. This offer is only open to existing customers who have a qualifying Norton or Symantec software product.


Free Trial Try Antivirus for Mac before you buy for 30 days, free!

If you’re new to Norton and are still evaluating the different antivirus solutions out there that are available for your Apple, then you can go and download the 30 day trial and test out for free. We especially like the Norton trials because they don’t require a credit card and don’t require you to enter in all of your personal contact information just to test it out. Just keep in mind that you need to have OS X 10.7 / 10.8 or newer for this version to work. Be sure to also deactivate any other antivirus software you may have running as these two can come into conflict with each other. After the 30 days you can either keep it and pay for the license key or just uninstall it.

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