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Just Released! Pick up Premiere Elements 13 at Amazon.

The all new Premiere Elements 13 was just announced and you can pick up a copy (with instant download!) at Amazon. All versions include either free shipping or download. Prices tend to change daily. Available for both Mac and PC.


$70.00 OFF Students get Photoshop & Premiere Elements bundle for $79.

If you’re a student in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan or Europe, then you may qualify for discounted student pricing at Adobe. They offer discounts on just about all of their products and all you have to do is show a copy of your student id to get to qualify. The Photoshop Elements 13 and Premiere Elements 13 bundle is discounted $70.00 from the regular price of $149.00.  Best of all, this version is identical to the regular one so you will not need to sacrifice any of the features to get it at the lower price.


$20.00 OFF Save $20.00 when upgrading from previous Elements.

Have an old copy of Elements 6 laying around somewhere? Then you can take advantage of the upgrade discounts now offered on Premiere Elements 13. You will just need to be able provide enter your old serial number at the time of activation (found in the help menu or old box). The Elements upgrade policy is a slightly different than the CC upgrade policy, as it lets you upgrade from any version back.


Free 30-Day Trial Get the Elements 13 free trial at the Adobe download center.

You can try Premiere Elements 13 or any of the other Elements or Creative Suite or Creative Cloud versions at All trials are active for 30 days from the date you first install it and will automatically expire at the end unless you purchase the full versions. You can only download one trial version per computer/user.


What’s new in Premiere Elements 13?

Adobe Premiere Elements 13 is a video editing software who’s new automated features will aid you in creating professional looking videos in minutes that can be later easily shared on social networks. This latest version of the Premiere product introduces some new features making it one of the best and widely awarded on the market.

In general putting together a movie is more complicated that editing pictures, but it can be even more rewarding. The easiest way to upload movies to the Internet is not to do anything to them but that’s not always an option. Premiere Elements 13 might appear challenging and intimidating at first but in fact its user interface is very well designed for an easy beginning. You start by importing footage to work with and storing it in separate folder (if you have footage to work with it helps with their management). The same can be done with music, just group it in one folder for simpler access and more organized workflow.

The screen displays what you have currently done to the clip, and allows for switching between Project, Edit, Disc Menus, and Share tabs. Below is the Timeline/Sceneline of your project including videos, audios, narration, and other music etc. Once you spend a little bit of time with Premiere Elements you will realize that it is a very intuitive and customizable product. Additionally, anything new that you add to your video is automatically incorporated so you receive the immediate feedback and can undo it in case you don’t like it.

Editing your movie consists of inserting Effects, Transitions, Titles, Themes, and Clip Art. Each of these categories has many more options, i.e. select between video or audio transitions that contain tens of other options. You can apply different effects into your movie depending on your goals. For example, you can change it to Black & White, Pastel Sketch, Extract, Posterity, Old Film, Metallic, Line Drawing, Cartoon, or Airbrush. Each transition is of fixed length of time but when you double click on it, the software lets you customize it by dragging its ends to make it shorter or longer. At any time you can include a new clip in between other clips, play video backwards, speed it up or slow it down. As you can see there is so much to choose from and that’s not even everything. All those features make this product fun to use once you see the incredible results you can obtain in relatively simple fashion.

Adobe Premiere Elements has been around for a while, but with the new release the designers equipped it with some additional features. One of them is Pan and Zoom that allows you create more memorable photo slide shows. Select the pictures you want to include in your presentation, determine their order, and even add some music. You can then decide the camera focus on particular areas of each picture. For instance, when showing a family picture, you can have the software to move from one person to the other in a predetermined sequence or decide on the sequence yourself. At the same time you can adjust zoom and the length of time each person is shown. Once finished, this feature (which also applies to videos) helps make professional-looking slide shows.

Another new feature worth commenting on is color enhancement by choosing AutoTone & Vibrance or Three-Way Color Corrector. The first adjust the colors for you automatically, the latter permits to adjust them separately selecting only one section leaving everything else alone. You can focus on manipulating midtones (greys), highlights (whites), or shadows (black). Other video improvements include motion, opacity, volume, and balance. Additionally, this version offers 64-bit Windows 7 support to fully utilize system RAM memory, export to AVCHD file for higher compression format and share them on Facebook or YouTube.

Adobe Premiere Elements 13 is a highly rated product among the video software solutions. Last year it won the Bronze Award for “all-around quality you can trust” and being able to create quality videos without a “huge hassle”. called it “Good” pointing out lack of 3D editing. Finally, rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars for 64-bit capability and color-correction tools. It also mentioned that it is “the only consumer-priced video editor with usable key-framing tools”. Even though the product is not expensive relative to other Adobe programs, I still suggest trying it out for free first (30-day trial) to make sure this software suits your needs.

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