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Get 20% OFF Up to 20% on versions of Lightroom 4 + Upgrade to Lightroom 5!

You can get the best discounts this week on Lightroom 4 now on sale at Amazon, and with Adobe’s complimentary upgrade policy, you may qualify for a free upgrade to Lightroom 5 one released (be sure to see if you qualify).  The full version is listed for around $120.00, saving you $30.00 off the retail price.  Not a bad deal, especially considering that Lightroom 3 retailed for a whopping $399.00.  Be sure to select the free super saver option at order checkout to get the free shipping. No coupon is required but prices will vary slightly among the versions (full, upgrade or student) on sale in the store.

$29.99 Offer Get Lightroom, Photoshop, and all of CS6 part of Creative Cloud.

If you not only use Lightroom but also use some of Adobe’s other products, like Photoshop, Production Premium, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat and any of the other CS6 products, then getting Adobe’s new Creative Cloud may be a better alternative. Adobe now has a monthly membership option that gives you unlimited use of Adobe’s best selling apps for as low as $29.99 per month. With the Creative Cloud, you receive all the programs found in Master Collection, plus Lightroom and a few exclusive programs not found in the standalone products. And because you’re on a Adobe CC, upgrades for all products are free, so you’ll get Lightroom 5 the moment that it’s released. Learn more about Creative Cloud.

Upgrade Discount Upgrade discount to Lightroom 4 for just $79.00.

If you own any previous version of Adobe Lightroom, from versions 1 through 3, then you can qualify for the available upgrade discount offer available at for existing customers. This is an ongoing deal that does not require any promotion codes, but you will need to currently own a qualifying version to get this offer. Be sure to have a copy of your existing LR registration/serial number as you’ll need this at the time of installation for upgrade verification purposes.

Student Discount Students can buy the full version of Lightroom 4 for $79.00.

Being a student has its advantages! With Adobe’s student discounts, you can get the full version of Lightroom 4 for just $79. They also have deals on Photoshop, Master Collection, Acrobat and others, helping you save up to 80% off the retail price. For student verification, you will need to provide a photocopy of your school id (most schools will qualify) or a copy of your current school transcript/registration. This offer is available for schools located in the United States, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, and Australia.


Try it Free Try out Lightroom 4 for free for 30 days!

You can now download any of the current software titles, including Lightroom 4, for free directly from You’ll have a full 30 days to any of the available versions until it will automatically expire. Because you are testing the full versions, if you decide to buy, all you will need to active it again is enter your serial number (no installation is required).


So what’s new in Lightroom 5? Our review

Adobe Lightroom 5 offers many enhanced features and some new ones. Some of the favorites you will find include the below:

  • Highlight and shadow recovery – This redesigned feature allows achieving a better balance between shadows and bright areas in the image; new algorithm formulas make the controls more powerful and desired outcome easier to achieve.
  • Photobook creation – To your disposal there are many presets you can use to get your project started; just select pictures from you library and take them over to Book module where all the detailing happens; add text, change page background color or layout; drag and drop pictures between pages and when you’re finished there is a handy access to have you book published.
  • Location based organization – This is a traveler’s favorite way or marking his/her tracks; there are two ways to have you pictures put on a map to show their location: go to Map module and type a location, then drag a picture onto the map; the software does it also automatically by placing on the map those pictures that were taken with devices that geotag them, such as smart phones.
  • Extended video support – If you happen to shoot videos with your camera, Adobe Lightroom can help you edit it too. You can make adjustments to its length, exposure, contrast, vibrance, etc. and apply it to the entire clip; you can pause the video and extract a still image out of the clip turning it into a JPEG file; finally share it in social media by dragging and dropping on appropriate icon or via built-in email.
  • Nondestructive editing where you can really experiment with your images; none of the changes are applied to the original image, so you can easily go back to it; if you like what you’ve done to it, create a snapshot of it; when taking multiple shots in the same lighting conditions, you can copy the settings you applied to one image and paste them to the others therefore saving lots of time.

The user interface is clear and easy to navigate yet the sheer fact of number of options available might cause this program to seem too big to grasp (especially for new users). I found Adobe TV quite helpful in walking me through some of the options I didn’t know about. There are at least 11 tutorial videos that offer almost 3 hours of content. Aside from that, gain access to public trainings, seminars, books, and articles. Finally, join a user group to get ideas, help one another, and network.

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